Saturday, August 21, 2010

I was off work today so I went to work with Dave to do some inventory and pack orders. Even though it's work it's fun spending the day with him. We first went to breakfast then to the office.
My set up to take pictures of new records for the webstore
Time flew by and it was almost 6. I hadn't ate since breakfast and normally would have ate 3 times by then. I was a little cranky but we stopped by the beach for an outfit pic.
On the way home right before our driveway there were cones set up and a bunch of people blocking the way. Dave asked the police officer if we could get in and he moved the cones. We parked and got out to see what was going on. Apparently it was the Derby St Mile Run. Since it had just started we stood around and watched the first couple of people come in.
Yay go people we don't know!
After we finally went inside, ate and hung out for a bit we decided to go see Dinner For Schmucks. There is a cafe near us that has tofu froyo and has a list of add ins to get. Before the movie of course we stopped by there and got some with strawberries and oreos.
my new sweater from Target
Dinner For Schmucks was funny but it made me uncomfortable at times. I can't handle awkward parts of movies or tv shows. By the end I liked it.
We are planning on running tomorrow morning! I hope I can make myself do it. I need it after that ice cream!

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  1. i love that sweater! the lighting from the beach almost looked like you had a dress on.