Wednesday, September 15, 2010


My eyes started to swell again today but this time I had some eye drops for allergies. I wish I knew what I am suddenly allergic to that makes this happen.

This week is pretty boring. Just waiting for Dave to get back. The last week always seems to take forever! At least I'm still managing to workout (I even ran this morning!) and try to dress decent. Sometimes when he is gone I give up and become super lazy on both accounts.
 Belt-Wet Seal
Knee Highs-Target
Shoes-I'm going to guess Macys. They are really old
I've only worn this dress once last Christmas. I feel like the tulle makes it too puffy but I really wanted to try to wear it again.  
5 more days!


  1. i love it! and the knee highs look fine with your tattoos

  2. very cute outfit love your socks!

  3. Super Cute outfit! i get random mysterious alleric reactions too, it sucks!
    I just awarded you the Sunshine Award on my blog :) x