Sunday, September 19, 2010

Last post

Hopefully this will be my last post full of cell phone and photo booth pictures. Dave comes home tomorrow!! I'm very excited.

A couple weeks ago I wrote about ModCloth shoes I wanted. Well my Mom went ahead and ordered me some for my birthday! My birthday isn't until November but I will accept early presents! I love these boots. They are super comfy easy to walk in. When I get the real camera back I will take a proper picture of them.


Yesterday I was on a mission to find record frames from every Target. Lynn and Garvey called while I was out asking if I wanted to go play mini golf. I dropped what I was doing and met up with them.

Dress-Urban Outfitters
They were both a little sleepy from being at the casino till early that morning which was a little funny but we had fun.

After we came back to Salem ate some hotdogs and they got Ritas. Then we came back to my house and watched Matilda and Home Alone 2 (we are apparently 12). I kept talking about lime rickeys so finally we walked up the street to get some.
Lynn, a big ice cream and me

Did I mention Dave comes home tomorrow?!!!


  1. caitlin, that outfit looks so awesome!

  2. Uhh! I am in LOVE with the socks peeking over boots thing! You wear it well. I have been so apprehensive because I don't know if I can pull it off. Thanks for the inspiration though!

    That gnome looks like gnome road kill. It made me laugh a little.

  3. I love knee highs but feel like a 5 year old when I wear them with flats ha. I need to figure that out still.
    Dave said the gnome looks like road kill too!
    Thanks everyone :)

  4. I love the skirt in the first photos! So Chic!