Thursday, March 24, 2011

fun day and a little rant

When I got home lastnight there was just a little bit of sunlight left to try and get a picture. Ignore our gross porch. The snow only recently melted and we haven't touched our little planters(or even the porch) since we first got hit with snow.
cardigan-old navy
belt-wet seal
skirt-fred perry
boots-banana republic

Today we went to the Science Museum. The one in Boston is so huge! It's awesome having a membership so we don't have to try to fit it all in one day. We stayed for a super long time, ate lunch and headed home. 

On a packed train ride home some high school girls were sitting next to us gossiping very loudly which is fine but they kept cursing. The first time one did it she realized there was a child next to her and said oops and laughed. As they got more into their stories they completely forgot there was a little girl sitting right next to them and every other word was worst than the last. I'm not one to speak up ever but when I am in charge of Dorie I don't want her exposed to things she shouldn't be hearing about. I finally asked them very nicely if they would please watch their language. They looked and each other gave me a dirty look and laughed. That all happened within one stop. They continued on for another stop (cursing less but still couldn't contain themselves) then got off. 
Really someone asked you nicely to watch what you are saying in front of a child and you can't for just 2 stops? 

It didn't ruin our day though! We still had fun and even read a bunch of new books we had got from the library before nap. 


  1. i havent been to the science museum in so long, probably 10 years. i wish i was there with you so i could have given those brats a piece of my mind and defended dories honor.

  2. I love museums...Boston rocks...Salem is pretty ace too...can't wait to go back...I visit every summer