Thursday, May 19, 2011

more food posts?

We had plans on Dave's birthday to go to the farm....then it continued to rain. Our back up plan was the Aquarium with Zac and his niece....then Dorie got sick.

So the morning of his birthday I snuck downstairs early and made him french toast and a smoothie. At one point he yelled down "it smells like eggs and bacon, what are you making?" I said just my oatmeal (which I make every morning). He said oh sounding bummed. When he came down I had everything ready. I forgot to take a pic but they looked just like the french toast from this post. He opened some presents then we both went to work.

After I got off work he picked me up and we went to dinner at Pulse. I talk about this place all the time and how we can't control ourselves when we go. I thought I was being reasonable getting the caesar salad and buffalo tofu bites but he ordered loaded fries (cashew cheese, tempeh bacon and sour cream) as an appetizer for us. After the fries I was already full. For dinner Dave got the country fried seitan and dessert (which I didn't get a pic of) was a dark chocolate mint silk pie. It was too minty for me but he liked it.

Apparently all I talk about it food. Sorry!


  1. i love your food talk! i dont really like minty desserts, but im glad you guys had a good dinner :)

  2. Loaded fries have a way of leaving less space for dinner...and yet I cannot help but eat them! I also love mint in my desserts (or really, anything). It gives such a fresh, clean flavor! Talk food all you want, sister!

  3. they also had a vegan german chocolate cake I really really wanted but since it was his birthday I had to let him get his way ha

  4. Yum yum yum! It looks delicious! I adore food posts - though they always make my stomach grumble!