Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Monday morning Dave's brother, sister in law and nephew came in town. It was so much fun having family around. They said maybe in 10 years they will move closer so fingers crossed! We didn't bring our camera out with us at all but I stole some of Jessica's pictures from Monday from her facebook (thanks Jess!).
 Dave and his nephew Joey
 Joey's cool new glasses
 Dorie and me playing tag in the cemetery in Salem
 They took a sneaky pic of us pushing Dorie. That's our new stroller! I love it
 Jessica and Joey eating ice cream
Joey me Dave outside our house

Today we went to the children's museum with them. After lunch they headed home. Hopefully they come back soon! We don't always have enough time to go visit all of his family when we go to Philly. I think we need to make a trip soon just to hangout with all of them. 


  1. Ha! Those glasses on the wee one freaked me out!

  2. I thought it was so cool that cemetery! Especially that the kids could go into that one museum and do grave stone rubbings in crayon. When I have kids I am definitely showing them the movie Hocus Pocus and then taking them to Salem in the fall. God I love it there! Swap?

  3. im glad you had a fun time with them! i wish i could give you guys a personal jet that goes back and forth to philly.

  4. @kristen I couldn't look at anyone when they would wear those glasses! It was too weird

    @caitlin I love hocus pocus! We are moving from here soon though :(

    @lynn I know that would be great!