Friday, July 1, 2011

17 weeks

I kind of am getting a real bump now! I went to H&M and found some really comfy maternity clothes. Once I put them on you could see a bump. I guess in my normal clothes it doesn't show my belly off much. The selection at the store isn't very big but what they have is cute and affordable. I heard the only one that has a maternity section in Boston is the Downtown Crossing one. If anyone has seen it at any other Boston location let me know!
tank/shorts-H&M mama shoes-fred perry

Between having more family in town this weekend and moving I will be pretty busy. I want to move my bed to the new place ASAP! and then slowly move everything else in. Even though we have a month to move I'm too excited for the new place to take my time...sorry Dave. We packed a little lastnight after work but packing is so hard. I never know where to start and what needs to stay for now. I need to just commit to a whole closet or shelf and say ok this is going in the box and if I happen to need anything in here it can wait a week or so. 

What are your plans for this weekend and the 4th?! Any friends wanna come have a help us move in party??? ;)


  1. my assistance can easily be bought for food and/or records

  2. Very cute! Good luck with the new place, lady!

  3. Congratulations! Your outfit is really cute, pregnancy suits you! There are loads of great maternity clothes on the topshop website now if you're looking...!

    Ebay finds >

  4. super cute outfit! You look fantastic.

  5. my birthday is on the 4th :D

    Lovely stripey dress!!!
    Come follow my blog hun:)

  6. oh my goodness you are so ridiculously cute! good luck in the moving adventures!

  7. You look wonderful in your maternity clothes! Funny how the bump doesn't really show in regular clothes...