Saturday, June 25, 2011


Dave just left for a show this weekend out of town. I was planning on going but decided yesterday I would rather stay here and pack/clean. We have so much to do before we move. I'm hoping to go through everything as I pack and get rid of things I don't really need. The last 2 times we have moved have been rushed. This morning he got up early and helped me out with some of the cleaning. He also made me tofu scramble!
5 minutes after Dave left, I heard the door open again. He walked in with these
Since I was a little sad I wasn't going anymore and he kept joking around saying ok go get ready now lets go. It made me feel so much better. Now I have a pretty center piece to clean around and make the house smell good.
Now to get to work!


  1. Dave is so sweet. Happy cleaning!

  2. I have been so in love with lilly's lately! I never realized who good they smell!

  3. How sweet he is! What a nice thing to brighten your day. Good luck with the cleaning / moving!