Friday, June 24, 2011

playground and the farmers' market

Tuesdays are our usual playgroup at a local playground but now that all the farmers' markets are starting to pop up we will now head there after the playground. Last year Dorie loved going to farmers' markets. She would run to each booth getting samples and deciding what veggies I needed that day. She didn't forget at all. As soon as I reminded her after the playground we were going, she begged to go before to sample taza chocolate.
We did make it to the park first to meet up with some friends and play all morning.
 and then headed to the market
The best part was after we shopped around and danced to some music, we could run through the water and jump on the rocks.
 or chill out, sunning on a rock and eat a snack
We even got some chocolate. She sampled all of them even the chili and said she liked it. There was a new table selling hummus, grape leaves, pita bread and tabouli. I bought everything and it is delicious! It was from Samira's homemade.

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  1. If there is anything better than a Farmer's Market, I can't think of what it is. I love them!