Tuesday, July 12, 2011

goodbye Salem and an app

It's only Tuesday and I'm exhausted. We have been so busy with still moving little things and getting everything set up in the new house. We finally got internet and cable turned on at the new house! I love it there so much. I get depressed now when we have to just stop by the old house to pick something up. Don't get me wrong I love Salem and everything around the old place but our apartment there compared to this one is awful. It's funny how sad I was when we first decided to move and now I couldn't have asked for a better new house. 
Dress-H&M Shoes-Blowfish Sunglasses-Target
My mom is in town and being such a big help cleaning up the old house, making us dinner and organizing things at the new place. Our shopping trip this weekend was so much fun. The baby's closet is starting to fill up now! Friday we have another ultrasound so hopefully it is still looking like a girl or we are going to be busy exchanging all these dresses and pink ruffly clothes. This weekend I did end up getting my hair cut but the lady for some reason chopped one side too short and it looks awkward but oh well. 

In other news blackberry finally has an app like instagram. It of course isn't as good but at least it's something. It does take FOREVER to put a filter on a picture. Of course the only pics I have on my phone are of Dorie so here are a couple of the filters...

Waiting for my mom at the airport (discotek)
Beach day! (the shore)
Ballet class meeting (the times)
After ballet watching the big girls (35mm)

The app is called Filterlab. It is only $.99 right now so right now I think it is reasonable. Though I would pay a little more to have it not be so slow but I don't know if that is possible?

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