Friday, August 19, 2011

24 weeks

You can't tell in the picture but her legs are up by her head. She's doing baby yoga everytime we get to see her
Tuesday morning we had an ultrasound scheduled. Everything is looking good with her and she is growing right on track. She weighs 1lb 10oz! We have the crib all set up and thanks to Dave's mom we have the bassinet and it is already set up. I want to do so much more to her room but we have been so busy lately. I'm afraid I won't get around to it and then she will be here and nothing is ready.
I'm able to feel her all the time now. Dave gets so excited whenever she starts moving but as soon as he puts his hand on my belly she stops. She was doing that the other day so he leaned close to my belly and said yo what are you doing and she kicked him super hard!
Oh this baby <3 I can't wait to see her!!


  1. i was so excited to feel the baby kicking! it makes it all feel so real. eep!

  2. Oh my god! She looks like a baby and not a little bean or something! How exciting!!!

  3. [I hope that doesn't sound mean - sometimes ultrasounds just look like blobs to me :) ]

  4. no it doesn't sound mean! there were times we went and I could not tell what they were pointing out ha

  5. oh my goodness! so exciting!
    i just keep thinking about all the cute little clothes you'll be able to dress her in! sweet little babes.