Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ok now I'm really back

We got home from Ohio last night with the car PACKED with baby stuff. It was so much fun going through everything and organizing it last night. I need to get to target for some more bins and we really need a dresser now to put all these clothes in! She is taking over the house already!
The baby shower was amazing and I was so happy with how fast my mom and her bff got everything together (thanks Mom and Sharon!!) I wanted to post about our trip today but before leaving for work I couldn't find the cord to the camera...it was in Dave's bag with him at work oops. 
so until tomorrow here are a couple of pictures from our trip there
 snacks on the way
 Of course a stop at some outlets in Ohio
 My fav rest stop in Ohio. That might be silly but when you've traveled a lot a nice bathroom and starbucks makes you happy
before we left to head home we had biscuits and gravy at MELT...I got fruit instead of potatoes but I also ate most of Dave's potatoes. They were the best


  1. those biscuits look AWESOME. cant wait to hear about the baby shower and see everything. the fair this weekend?

  2. Good choice on the biscuits from MELT. Now I want some!

  3. Oh God, I LOVE biscuits and gravy. Looks like a nice trip, and I am glad you got lots of things you need! Are you getting the nursery all set up??

  4. melt was so yummy!
    The nursery is starting to come along but not as fast as I want it to! I'm starting to get crazy about moving things around and cleaning. I guess I'm nesting a little early