Wednesday, August 17, 2011

this is hardcore

This Is Hardcore this year was amazing. So many good bands and old friends. But I forgot I was pregnant the first day and did too much making myself sick. So Saturday I stayed at Dave's moms house for the first half, then later in the day (before a band played that I really wanted to see!) he came back for me. Dave's mom had gone to the farmers market and bought me tons of fruit, veggies and nuts to bring for snacks. I think that helped a lot the rest of the weekend (Thanks again!). It gets so hot in the venue that I was just drinking tons of water but not eating enough. We took very little pictures but one Ana took of us I love!
 money and the chinese food that I should've been eating on Friday
 snacks and water on Saturday :)
 Across the street this year they had a warehouse with food and more vendors. Blackbird pizza had a table which we ate at the whole time and there was a little ice cream cart with vegan ice cream (I wish I got a pic, it was adorable)
 me(look at my baby bump!), Ana and Lynn 
 Greg and Dave. They've been friends forever but this was my first time meeting him! After seeing them hangout I felt bad taking Dave away to MA.
Dave and me

OH! I totally forgot, Ana also brought me a bag of baby clothes for our baby girl! Such a sweet surprise. Thanks Ana!

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  1. that picture of you and dave is so great! one for the books