Tuesday, August 16, 2011

hi I'm back!

but not for long. We just got home last night and we are leaving Wednesday night to visit my family. Since I haven't got any of the pictures from our weekend off the camera yet I will finally post the pictures from the farm the other day.
So many animals! Dorie got to milk a goat, pet a snake, hold a baby chick and so much more. I guess we usually come at a time where they aren't doing any activities but we got lucky that day. We also went to the water park that is part of the farm. They had a huge blow up slip and slide that we couldn't get her off of and a bubble pit. The bubble pit was insane. The kids loved it but sometimes it would get so full you wouldn't be able to find our kid in the mess of bubbles. Oh and of course she "painted" her own face as soon as we walked in. All the parents are making their kids into dogs or butterfly faces, nope Dorie wants her own creation ha.

Hopefully I will be able to update from last weekend before we head out tomorrow!