Friday, September 2, 2011

I like food

Here are some good things I've been eating (and Dave has been making) lately
 pizza with daiya cheese, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms and garlic
 steamed kale with sausage and a lot of nutritional yeast
 carrots, celery and dip to go with Dave's homemade seitan buffalo wings
 leftover buffalo wings made into a burrito the next night
 Cranberry sunflower seed bread Dave picked up from the farmers market and I made super unhealthy into french toast
 Chicken noodle soup made with the broth of the seitan
pregnancy protein shake (it is amazing!)
 This super yummy veggie burger with sauerkraut from this food truck at the harvard farmers market

Now I'm starving again and I have to go find more snacks. Happy Friday everyone!


  1. All that looks delicious! I really need to break down and give kale a try.

  2. that cranberry bread looks AWESOME!

  3. That mushroom pizza looks delicious. I would so eat this all the time if Mr. BF was not anti-mushroom.