Thursday, September 1, 2011

Marshfield Fair

Last year Dorie and I went to the Marshfield Fair with Lynn. This year we took Dave and met up with Lynn and Pete. With traffic we got there later than we wanted but without realizing it we stayed until it closed. It was like a casino with no clocks and bright lights.
We went straight for the animals. I swore we took more pictures but I guess not. Also the ones we took weren't the best 
 I was really excited about the porcupine! 
 and the kangaroo. There was a joey in her pouch but she wouldn't turn around long enough to get a picture
 Dorie petting cows
 Dorie and Lynn petting pigs
 He was mooing at her. Her reaction was the best
 Train set
 Lynn was the best and took Dorie on this crazy ride since I couldn't and Dave hates rides. It went back and forth and spun in circles...she loved it
Last ride of the night, Dorie was in one of the cars. She talked about going on the ferris wheel the whole ride there but when we stood in front of it she said yea I really don't think I want to try it today.

I thought she would fall asleep on the ride home but she talked nonstop the whole way. Mostly about the monkey balloon we got before we left.

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  1. we kept her out so late that night! good thing it was a friday :)