Friday, September 16, 2011

I like food

So I guess Fridays will most likely be "I like food" days. I always seem to have pics on my phone or camera by the end of the week that I sometimes never even post anywhere.

This week we, after finding out it is finally open, we headed to central square for Veggie Galaxy. I've wrote about Veggie Planet in Harvard Square a couple of times but this place is even better. Don't get me wrong I love the pizza from veggie planet but nothing beats a good veggie diner!
We were the first people there...waiting outside for it to open. As soon as they opened the doors everyone was super friendly and unlike veggie planet there is a ton of seating. It is super clean, everything was completely redone and you feel like you are in a diner car with the way the ceilings are curved.
 We split the french toast stuffed with banana nut cream cheese topped with caramelized banana butter, strawberry basil sauce and maple syrup and...
the egg and cheese sandwich made vegan with tofu eggs, housemade vegan cheese, baby arugula with tempeh bacon. 
The french toast was insane. So good and didn't make you feel sick or on a sugar high after eating it. The egg and cheese was really good but I'm glad we split it because after awhile it was tasting too salty. I guess with tofu eggs and tempeh together it can be too much. Dave also had the TAZA hot chocolate which was good but I thought it was a little too rich. Having taza chocolate before it tastes like you are just drinking a chocolate bar. I'm sure some people wouldn't think that is a bad thing!
 We also got some treats to go for later. Dave got a black and white cookie which he loved. I didn't get to try it...
and I got a cinnamon roll. I'm always craving cinnamon rolls so I was excited to get one. The only problem I had with it was the icing tasted lemony and I don't really care for lemon flavors. I still gobbled up the whole thing and loved it. 

There was a ton of other desserts I wanted to try so I can't wait to go back. I told Dave since it's on my way to work/near my work I might be going everyday just to try everything. I'm so excited to have a vegan place in our area. I get so bummed out when we go to Philly or NYC and there are places all over. 
Good work Veggie Galaxy I will see you soon!


  1. im excited to try it with you guys

  2. I love these recipes, I love it you know still my mouth is melting to look it them , very nice post, I will try to make them. good post.