Friday, September 23, 2011

I like food

This is the first time I'm opening my computer today! Busy busy day today and I'm so happy it's the weekend so I can chill out a little. We don't have many plans for this weekend which is good because I think it's supposed to rain. Hopefully we can schedule to take maternity pics with our friend Zac Wolf soon!
Now here is some good food...
 tofu tacos from whole foods
we made seitan again and put the leftovers in burritos 
 enchilada from Pulse Cafe
 philly cheesesteak from Pulse Cafe
 strawberry buttercream frosting from veggie-kids
vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frosting recipe from veggie-kids

In other news my Dad made a hole in one today at a golfing tournament! He won a tv for it too. Good work Dad! 

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