Tuesday, September 20, 2011

outfit and another ultrasound

I'm glad it's getting cooler so I can start wearing leggings and jeans. The dresses I have are getting a little too short from trying to cover my belly. 
cardigan-f21 dress-marshalls belt-zara leggings-target shoes-clarks

We had a real ultrasound yesterday. Baby girl is measuring great and is 3lbs already! Every time we get an ultrasound they comment on how active she is. Today she has been rolling around and wiggling and it hurts! I feel like there isn't much room for her to be partying like that. 
We got a couple of pictures from yesterday and one was another 3D. As soon as they took that one and tried for another she put her feet and arms in front of her face. 


  1. it looks like shes trying to sleep in that picture (shes fooling us all!)

  2. you are too cute little prego. can't wait to see that little lady!