Thursday, October 27, 2011

veg food fest and baby shower weekend

Our shower is this Sunday! I'm excited to have people over to our house for the first time. We have a little bit of cleaning and organizing to still do before this weekend. We have to finish before Saturday because we are going to the Boston Vegetarian Food Fest that day! Every year it gets even more packed so hopefully I can handle it being crazy.

Some people have asked about my registry. We registered at Babies R Us and Amazon. Here are some things I am really really wishing for!
parent console for out stroller
beaba babycook baby food maker
rain cover for our stroller

What do you think are some #1 baby items to have? 


  1. We have those Crane animal humidifiers in our kids room and having gone through three others before getting those I can say they are THE BEST. Now how do I convince the husband that our perfectly fine frog and cow BOTH need to be replaced with the infinitely cuter owl?

    As far as baby item necessities. . . Have you looked into the "ultimate crib sheet"? I had one the last year Kaitlyn was in a crib and it made changing crib sheets SO much easier. Plus I only needed one pretty sheet! Another baby must for our kids at least was a white noise maker. It became part of our bedtime routine. Brett gave it up about a year ago, but Kaitlyn still has to have her "noises" to go to sleep (we bring them with us when we travel with the kids, it is almost like another comfort item).

  2. Oh thank you jayna! I've never heard of the ultimate crib sheet. I will have to look into it. I do want to get a white noise machine too. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I am no where near having a child, but I love looking at baby things, haha! I love the parent console for the stroller and the owl humidifier, so cute!

  4. I was the same way Katrina! I would always awww at the childrens section as we would walk by. Now I have an excuse to go look!