Wednesday, October 26, 2011

sooo tired

Before we went out the other day I had Dave take a couple pictures inside. Can you tell how tired I am? or how big my belly is?? I think I need to work on taking naps.
 dress-fred perry cardigan-target tights-macys (I forget the brand)

Most of my shirts now show the bottom of my belly...even the maternity ones! I found a H&M gift card I had saved up from Christmas last year and bought a pair of jeans. I made the mistake of not trying them on so I had to return them for a dress instead and cute baby hat with ears of course. I think I will wear the dress to our baby shower Sunday!


  1. You look adorable! If I were you I'd totally be a NASCAR fan or something for halloween. Embrace the belly!

  2. You look great! The homestretch is always exhausting and seriously if you can fit a 45 min nap in it will be the best thing ever for you!

  3. Thank you! I really need to try that!