Monday, November 28, 2011

38 weeks

These pictures are from a couple of days ago. I wanted something comfy to wear. A lot of my maternity shirts don't completely fit over my belly anymore. I told Dave I felt like I was dressed like an art teacher. All I needed was a big wooden beaded necklace.
cardigan-forever21 dress-H&M yoga pants-gap shoes-crocs

My mom sent me the cutest bear fleece suit. It's from Next Direct and I want almost every baby girl outfit they have! So many cute things. 

We also went to Target the other day to run some errands. I glanced through the baby stuff but since I've been trying not to spend money I wasn't really looking. Then I saw the Harajuku Mini display. I thought it would all be gone by now but I found this...
The leggings with it are the best!

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