Sunday, November 27, 2011


Yesterday was my 31st birthday. I was hoping I would get a baby for my birthday but I guess she didn't want to share birthdays. We didn't have too many plans but to see The Muppets later. Dave made me chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast!
I had bought a dress from the thrift store I really wanted to wear but I never got around to hemming it. I tried on a bunch of old dresses hoping one would magically fit over my belly. I thought I was hilarious and put on a fred perry dress Dave bought me right before I started growing a baby and never got to wear. 
I finally really got dressed and we headed to Salem. We love their theatre and wanted to walk around after the movie. 
It was such a nice day. Perfect for walking around. I miss our old neighborhood so much!

Has anyone else gone to see The Muppets yet?! I loved it! I might have teared up a couple of times. After the movie we walked around a little more. Went to Coven and got hot chocolate..they have vegan treats there now! But we didn't get any
 inside coven
 inside the antique store
After all the walking I was in pain and just wanted pizza. We went to Whole Foods, had a pizza made and bought 2 slices of vegan chocolate cake. When we got home, in front of our door there were flowers, a bear and balloon waiting for me! Dave sent them with a sweet note...I teared up again. 

I had such a great day! It couldn't have been a better day...unless baby girl had decided to come! 


  1. Such a bummer she didn't come on your birthday. Hopefully she will be here soon.

  2. Happy birthday! :) That last picture looks so tasty!

    xo, Samantha

  3. How cute are you! I love that you were like, "You now what? Now, at nine months, I'm giving this dress a try!"