Wednesday, November 23, 2011

enchanted village

We took Dorie to Jordan's Enchanted Village last Friday. It's one of our special holiday things we always do with her(last years post). I'm sad because we won't be making it to Zoolights this year. 

We have been during crowded times but it was pretty much empty when we went. It was so nice to take our time looking at each display. The only bummer was Santa wasn't there! I swore I read he would be there during that time but of course the time she was looking forward to seeing him he wasn't there. There was a sign saying he would be back at was 4. She wanted to wait for him to get back but we convinced her getting popcorn was a better idea. Oh the other bummer was Dorie is finally tall enough to see the polar express 4D ride but since I fell under one of the "conditions" we couldn't go. But she didn't what she was missing anyway. 
tights and knee highs! I tried really hard to dress normal this day
cardigan-old navy dress-H&Mmama tights/knee highs-target shoes-gap


  1. I love your tights! I'm starting to love Christmas activities, too!

  2. Thanks! I love holiday activities! I can't for my baby girl to be here so I have an excuse to go when we don't have Dorie with us