Friday, November 18, 2011

I like food

I'm tired and lazy so please excuse all the pictures being different sizes. I'm also sitting here starving looking at the pictures so I'm trying to hurry and post this so I can eat!
 Broccoli and Cheddar Soup recipe from Daiya
fillings for Doner Kebap and Gyros
 used this to make this...
 Tzatziki Sauce recipe from Vegan Dad
 We picked this and Gyros at the veggie food fest
 They both were amazing
 our trip to Cafe Indigo
 As soon as we walked in I noticed a sign for the gobbler special. It was their own homemade turkey, stuffing and cranberries. WOW! It was so good. We made a lot of these sandwiches last year after thanksgiving but of course a sandwich is always better when someone else makes it. The bread was also homemade and made the sandwich!
The hardest part was deciding on dessert. 
I went with a whoopie pie
 Spikes finally opened in the Burlington Mall! I got the junk yard dog which for some reason I've never got. I wanted 10 more after I finished and of course their fries are the best!
Dave brought me olives home the other night from whole foods. He used to hate olives until I turned him on to these guys. 

My last day of work is next week so I'm sure I will be doing nothing but eating. So most likely next Friday's I like food will be packed. Oh and it is the day after Thanksgiving! 

I took this video of the baby rolling around the other day. She goes more wild than this but ANYTIME I try to catch her on video she settles down. 

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh I am so jealous I didn't take video of my belly. Smart lady!

  2. I kept trying with my blackberry but you could never see it very well. Hopefully I can catch her one more time before she comes!

  3. Pete and I were watching the video of your belly last night! so wild