Wednesday, November 2, 2011


carnival in Salem

How was everyones halloween? I miss sitting at my moms house passing out candy seeing all the little kids in cute costumes. Not many kids trick or treat around here. Next year we will have to take the baby to Salem to get some candy (for us).

A couple of days before Halloween I took Dorie to the mall for trick or treating. It was awesome! They had craft tables and a bunch of stores were passing out candy. It was nice the kids could run around and see each others costumes without coats on.
The cutest Dorothy ever!

After picking Dorie up from school the other day we saw turkeys walking down the street in Cambridge. I guess they know it is getting closer to Thanksgiving.
It's ok turkeys, I won't eat you!


  1. I like that Dorie wanted to be Toto at first, but then just decided to be Dorothy. haha

  2. ha yes! she realized she could bring toto with her and be dorothy!