Friday, November 4, 2011

I like food

Here are a couple of pictures we took at the Vegetarian Food Fest
 treats from vegan treats. We were really excited they were there and got a couple of donuts
 Uncle Eddie's vegan cookies. They were so soft and chewy. We should've picked up a bag. 
Daiya cheese! They made samples of grilled cheese with the cheddar and quesadillas with the pepperjack...sooo good

Yea, not too many pics. It is a little hard because it was so crowded and people get pushy. I waited on a bench while Dave went around one more time to see if we missed anything. He came back with some chocolates. 
I've had a couple of these go max go candy bars before but I've never seen this one before the fest. It tastes exactly what I remember a reeses cup tasting like. MIlky chocolate and peanut butter! and still vegan!
kale chips from the organic cafe in Beverly
black bean bowl from the organic cafe in Beverly 
homemade donuts recipe from peas and thank you. We didn't have coconut oil to make the glaze so we just used chocolate chips alone. It made a thicker glaze but Dave got the idea if we put them in the fridge the next morning they would taste like entenmann's with the thick chocolate. They did and were delicious!

Happy Friday!


  1. oh my god everything looks so good!

  2. I love those Cleo's and Uncle Eddy's (pb chocolate chip!). I want those donuts!

  3. ohh the pb chocolate chip was my favorite that I sampled!

  4. Uncle Eddie's is sold at Trader Joes on the west coast. If only we could get them here on the east coast ... Those donuts are making me drool (yours and the ones from vegan treats).