Saturday, December 31, 2011

new years

Our first night out was so much fun. We waited until right before AN was supposed to be going on to leave and since we only live 5 min away from the venue we didn't have to be away for too long. We were there long enough to see some friends and find a good spot to watch. I didn't even cry leaving her! I thought I was going to have a hard time but my sister kept me updated on everything they were doing and sent me pictures the whole time. Thank you Courtney!
me, my sister and elinor before leaving
on our way out

Tonight we are doing the usual sitting home watching movies and eating. Except this is the first year in awhile Dorie won't be sleeping over. Instead we will be partying with Ellie and maybe actually get to watch a real movie not a cartoon. 
Tomorrow I'm planning on going through all of my clothes and get a donate pile started. After trying on all of my pre pregnancy clothes on the other day I realize a lot of things will never fit me the least for a long time while I'm nursing the baby. I also need to go through Elinor's clothes because she is finally outgrowing her newborn sizes and I need to reorganize the 0-3month. That is if she lets me put her down for a little bit. This girl likes to eat all day!

Everyone have a safe and happy new year!


  1. Elinor is adorable! I sympathize with the clothes situation. I look at some of my pre prego clothes and sometimes wonder how i fit in it! lets not even mention the bras... ur doing a great job however she looks mighty healthy :) My baby, Pöe, is 8 weeks old and literally stuck to my boob. getting things done can be tricky ;)

    much love and many blessings for u and your family <3

  2. Thank you! She is cluster feeding like crazy! I feel like I just finished feeding her and 10 min later she is hungry again.

  3. I know your 2011 was wonderful - may even more wonderful things be in store for you in 2012!

  4. Thanks! I'm so excited for my first year as a mama