Wednesday, December 28, 2011

sleeping baby

I barely open my computer anymore. Good thing I got an iphone. I can check other blogs (sometime), instagram, and other little things to pass the time. Also taking pictures with my phone has been so much easier than taking the camera out. So pretty much I always have baby in one hand and my phone in the other.
She was sleeping pretty good only waking up 2, 5 and 8. Then the last two nights she wants to party all night. But she is the cutest when she is awake so it is easy to wake up and talk and sing to her at 3am.

We ran out of newborn diapers and the size 1s seemed too big still so I tried out her cloth diapers. They fit and she wore one for about a hour before exploding. They made Dave a little nervous because her tiny little legs had some space and he thought she was going to pee on him. 

Tomorrow morning we go pick my sister up from the airport so she can meet Elinor. Also she is babysitting for us that night so we can go to this
I'm so sad about leaving her for a night but I know my sister will cuddle her all night and Ellie will probably think it's me anyway...we kind of look alike.  It's going to be such an exciting day/night for the both of us!


  1. She is just too cute! Hope you enjoyed a night out (and what a good show to see)