Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Florida part 5 and a video

Last one! and it is the best. We took Elinor swimming for the first time. We went after Animal Kingdom for a little bit and again the next day. She loved it. She just kicked her little legs and looked around at everything. The resort had a lazy river we went through once too. I wish I didn't have to wait till she is 6 months for her to take lessons at the Y. I think she is going to be a water baby.
 her cute new bathing suit from grandma and grandpa
 and the ruffle butt
 and then she peed on Dave! We got a swim diaper for her from the cloth diaper store but I guess it doesn't hold in the pee?
 water baby
Look at her legs! How cute is she?!
 snuggling with grandpa after her swim
 swimming wore her out! After a bath, she snuggled with grandma on the porch and passed out
 happy girl taking a trip to the store
and another nap on the porch with daddy
Dave took this one on the plane on the way home. She kept kicking her foot up on the armrest while I was feeding her. 

We had such a great trip. I was nervous before we left about everything and thought it might not be a good idea to go. It so relaxing for all of us. We needed to get away for a little bit on a none music related vacation. 


  1. she is seriously beautiful. i love all the pictures of her on instagram.
    and those tiny kicking legs! so sweet.

    1. She is so funny. The second she touched the water her legs started going!