Monday, February 6, 2012

shopping and working out

This weekend Dave somehow got food poisoning. As bad as I felt, I was so so happy I didn't get it too. There was only one thing he ate that I didn't so we are assuming that was it. While he was sleeping and trying to feel better, I kept seeing everyone post all the cute Jason Wu outfits they were getting from target. I had checked Targets website way earlier when things were still in stock and decided I didn't really like anything but later when everyone posted their pictures I changed my mind. 
I haven't drove alone with Elinor yet and I still have been sitting in the backseat with her. I decided today was a good day to test out driving alone. She was in a super good mood all day and it's not too long of a drive. 
Baby bear. She usually only while accept her pacifier in the car or in the stroller

Lynn called right before I left and told me she found the shirt I wanted in a large and was going to grab it for my in case I didn't find one! She's the best. I had to get Dave some sick essentials like ginger ale and crackers anyway so Ellie and I set out. 

She did so good on the ride! Only once I had to reach back and give her her pacifier again. I ended up finding the shirt I wanted in a Medium which (yay!) fit and grabbed another nursing tank. 

Last time I went shopping I tried on a large shirt and it didn't fit (so depressing). I started working out last week. I just have been doing the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I recently found this about 5 exercises to do with your baby that I plan on starting to do also. Ugh I can't wait to walk into a store and just know what size I am! 

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