Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Today Elinor is 2 months! Tomorrow we go for her check up and then I'll post an update on her stats. She has to get shots :( I'm not looking forward to that at all.

Saturday we leave for a little vacation. My parents are going to Florida and invited us. We didn't think we would be able to go but then decided since I'm still on leave we might as well. Plus it will be fun to spend some more time with them and have some extra hands to play with Ellie. Dave is still not feeling well and so I've been trying my best to take care of him and Elinor without them being near each other. We thought he had food poisoning but since he has been so sick and had a fever for a couple of days I think we were wrong. 

She's in my arms now and just fell asleep so I'm going to try and lay her down so I can finally eat 4pm. Hopefully I will have some time to schedule some posts for while we are gone!

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  1. I'm so jealous of your trip and I feel bad for Dave :(

  2. Since we didn't get to chat too much here's some quick dining recommendations:

    Magic Kingdom:

    Quick Service
    Veggie Chilli at Columbia Harbor House
    Veggie Sandwich at Cosmic Rays
    Vegan tacos/burritos/taco salad at Tortuga Tavern

    Main St Ice Cream parlor has Tofutti and Rice Dream, so you can get sundaes, floats and cones
    Popcorn is vegan
    Pretzels are vegan
    Funnel Cake is vegan

    Table service meal:
    If you can get a reservation, take the monorail to the Contemporary and eat at California Grill. Tell then you're vegan and request the (not on the menu) dish called "Vegetarian unplugged". Get sushi as an appetizer and share.

    OR if you can get a reservation take the monorail to the Polynesian and eat at 'Ohana. Tell them you're vegan and ask if chef Julie is working!

    OR on Sun-Thurs take the monorail to the Grand Floridian and IF chef TJ is working eat at 1900 park fare. If he's not working, don't eat there. It's a character meal and a buffet where characters from Cinderalla come and visit at your table. If chef TJ is working he will bring special food to your table. Call in advance for reservations.

    Tofu veggie noodle bowl at sunshine seasons
    Tabouli pinwheels at sunshine seasons
    Grab n Go sushi at sunshine seasons
    Vegetarian platter at Restaurant Tangierine Cafe (this is my fav, don't miss it! get it without the lentil salad, it has mayo. I usually sub extra couscous)

    Kakigori in japan << super yum, i love the melon flavor
    They're not vegan, but the crepes are awesome in France

    Sit Down:
    I highly recommend taking the boat from World Showcase to the Boardwalk resort and eating at Kouzzina. Make reservations in advance, and ask for chef Dee or Chef Miguel. They'll take care of you!

    Animal Kingdom:

    Quick Service
    Veggie sandwich at restaurantasaurus. Sit and eat inside the airstream trailer!
    The pizza place MAY have follow your heart vegan cheese, call ahead and they will stock it for you if you want pizza

    Sit down:
    I recommend you eat at Tusker House for lunch, its a great african inspired buffet with many vegan options. The chef will walk you through the buffet and explain what is vegan and what isn't. This is a pretty easy reservation to get, so if nothing else eat here. Animal kingdom is great to walk around and look at animals with Elinor. All of the trails are stroller friendly.

    I don't recommend you go to Hollywood Studios with the baby as there isn't much you can do there with her. IF you do go there, both 50's prime time cafe and Sci Fi Dine in theater are great sit down options with vegan items on the menu.

    To summarize - try and get reservations at some or all of these places:

    Tusker House
    California Grill/Ohana (polynesian food) OR call and eat at 1900 park fare ONLY if TJ is working