Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Davis Farm

Wow I am so behind! I have so many pictures/videos I need to post.

Last Monday we took all the kids to the farm. It is so much fun bringing the babies places now since Henri can crawl and Elinor can sit. I felt guilty before bringing Dorie places and keeping them in the stroller the whole time. Davis farm is amazing! I was waiting with the stroller outside a gated area the Dave and Dorie went into, a worker came over and told me I can go in any area with the stroller. They are all so helpful and friendly there.
 Dorie had to paint Elinor and Henri's face too of course
 Ellie was in the front seat until this cow bit her toe. She didn't cry but when she saw him again afterwards she cried so her and Henri switched spots
 They were trying to find our snacks

 My favorite!

Oh yea and there is a waterpark and playground there

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  1. I want to take a day off someday to go on a fun adventure with you guys