Friday, October 12, 2012

Elinor's day/Topsfield Fair

A couple of weeks ago we had planned to go with Lynn, Garvey, Jesse and Mike to Topsfield Fair. I had been slacking on sending pictures of Elinor to Dave so as soon as she woke up I took a picture of (almost) everything we did. Here is a day in the life of Elinor...
waking me up and cuddling a koala and foam O
Potty time and breakfast
Favorite thing to do, pulling books off the shelves. Getting dressed, every time I put her on her table she points and dances until I sing ABC's to her while pointing every letter out.
Dressed and ready
but first nap time and I finally shower and get ready
oh hi big girl
taking the trash out and running to the post office
another favorite thing to do, pulling all the snacks out
Lunch time and drooling like crazy
Stuffing fresh diapers while she plays
nap time before we leave for the fair
Eating a pop cake on the way. Topsfield!
Watching a man singing children's songs and kids dancing while we wait for our friends. She loved it
Lynn and Elinor. Sandcastles
Mama and baby
more Lynn and Elinor. Looking at bunnies
Lynn found a nursing trailer. Inside there was a sign to please take a homemade bear. She picked a flowery pink one. Huge pumpkin!
She couldn't believe the rides
She was asleep for the dogs jumping into water but woke up for the practice round. She couldn't believe it!
leaving the fair and friends
Back home for a quick dinner of grapes and leftover pizza, while still holding a toy. 
Goonight Moon and sleep!

I wish Dave could have been there with us. I know he loved seeing this many pictures of Ellie through out the day. I hope everyone else does too! 

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  1. in case anyone had doubts, Elinor's life is indeed better than yours!