Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10 months

We had her 9 month check up a little late since our Dr was on vacation. So Elinor was a little closer to 10 months. She is now 27.5in and 18lbs 15 oz. She had been walking and standing on her own a lot but after her appointment she completely stopped. I think the shots hurt her legs. She is just now starting to try to walk again.
 I know babies little bodies pop a lot but Elinor's hips kept popping. She also would swing one leg around when walking. The Dr ordered an X-ray which came back perfectly normal. I was a little nervous waiting those couple of days for the results but so happy everything is fine.

She had been doing so good at night with our new schedule but with Dave gone I think it is affecting her. She pulls down a picture of us and points to him saying dada all the time. I can't wait to see her face when we see him. We leave in 5 days for Japan to meet up with him! 

Courtney helped me take her pictures yesterday morning. We did them as soon as she woke up so she would hopefully actually lay on the blanket. She rarely stays still anymore. 
This one is blurry but I love when she makes this face.

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