Tuesday, November 27, 2012

tofurkey day

I was sad we weren't going to be with either of our families for Thanksgiving but Amanda and Tre went out of the way to make it an amazing day. They rented a house in Provincetown for a couple of days and invited us for the day. We decided to get a hotel nearby for the night since it is a 3 hour drive. We got to the hotel just in time to see the very end of the parade and got to see Santa! We got ready and went over to their house. It was just us and Tre's mom. She was so sweet and played with Elinor while we (Amanda) got everything together. Tre and Amanda had just got back from Disney and brought back some gifts for Elinor, including a super cute ornament with her name. Tre's mom also gave her a present. She is so spoiled! Amanda made so much amazing food and I want recipes for everything. I only made a salad..it was a pretty awesome salad though.

 view from the back porch
 salad boat
no one told me the parade replayed later in the day! We got to watch a little more of it before dinner
 after dinner we walked to the beach
 trying to run to the water
Alabama was there too and Elinor got puppy kisses!

We went back to the hotel and went swimming. Elinor wasn't too sure about it at first since we hadn't been in awhile. After awhile she was climbing out (with help) and jumping back in. She would try to jump, doing a big bend and push to her toes but not get any air. She would just lean in and fall into our arms in the pool. 
Thank you so much Amanda, Tre and Judy! We all had so much fun. 


  1. I'll say it again- I am SO happy you guys came and it was so nice! Can I bring a flash drive to Elinor's birthday party so that I can take home the pictures Dave took over the holiday?