Thursday, November 1, 2012

Japan 4

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Now back to our Japan trip...

Again we woke up super early but I was too excited to care. We were going to Disney!!
 I was so excited it was decorated for Halloween
 We were worried it would rain a little but realized when we got there that Main st was covered. We were lucky though and it didn't rain all day.

 For their parades, they have people sit down. How smart is that?? They ask everyone to fold up their strollers and sit for the first few rows. 
 She loved the parade! and we still can't get the song they sang out of our heads. 
 They had vacation bears there. It was hilarious. They went on vacation to America and the songs (like achy breaky heart) were mostly in Japanese. Then we found another parade. This time we were in the back but with the first rows sitting we didn't have any problems seeing.
 Only guy we got to meet

We got to go a a couple of rides but It's A Small World was closed for some reason. Elinor had so much attention and loved it. People were taking her picture anytime we sat her down again. Right before we left we made it into the castle. Inside was artwork all about Cinderella. Some of it was so pretty. At the end you came into a room with a huge princess chair and the glass slipper. 

One sad thing was they didn't have 1st visit pins like world and land. She has one from each and we were hoping for a Tokyo one to add. We noticed they had birthday stickers though so we got her one of those. Besides that and there being barely any vegan food it was a perfect day!

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