Tuesday, September 11, 2012

trip with daddy

Dave had a couple of shows in California so he brought us along. It was so much fun. We got a little vacation and he got to play some shows. Elinor thinks that everywhere we go that everyone is there to see her. She just waves and smiles and yells at everyone to demand attention. Dave and I are both pretty quiet so it is funny. We didn't take out the camera until a couple days in. I did take a few with my phone though
Waiting for our flight. We found an empty corner to let her get some energy out. She slept 3 of the 5 hours on the flight!
We stayed with some friends that just moved near LA from MA. It was so nice to see them again and see their kids. We went to downtown Disney one afternoon. It was so insanely hot! But it was fun. 
They took us to Huntington Beach. The was a man just walking down the beach wearing a boa constrictor. It was such a pretty day but I guess that is normal there ha.

 After two days in LA they had a show in San Diego. Before driving there Dave's friend had a little party with his band and theirs. He has a daughter that is over a year. I was excited for Elinor to be able to have a playdate while we were there.
Babies playing! 
 His girlfriend went so out of her way and did an amazing job with the lunch! They even had it catered by Veggie Grill. She made these super good vegan sugar cookies with cream cheese icing and fruit on top. I still keep thinking about those!
 In San Diego we finally got the camera out. We got to the show early and there was a pretty park across the street. Since the sun was starting to go down, it was perfect lighting to take some pictures of Elinor.
Dave's friend was taking some promo pictures of the band and got a couple of cute ones of us. I will have to get them from Dave and post them soon.
After San Diego we drove half way to San Francisco. We got a hotel then drove the rest of the way in the morning. We wanted to get there early so he could bring us around to do some tourist things before the show. I will post the rest of the trip tomorrow.

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