Thursday, February 23, 2012

Florida part 1

The flight to Florida went really well. She ate right before take off because I couldn't hold her off anymore but the she passed out and slept most of the flight. She woke up half way so happy! She smiled at everyone and everything. Right before we were landing she was getting a little bored and ready to eat. I nursed her as we were landing. She was perfect until we met up with my parents and got in the car. She screamed the entire way to the resort. Sorry Dad!

I was worried she wouldn't sleep good that night but did great. It was so nice waking up feeding her and then handing her off for some grandparents time. The first morning we went for a walk around the resort so my parents could show us where everything was. Later we took a bus to Magic Kingdom.

We found out a week before we left that Dorie's family were in Orlando while we were going to be there! So we made plans to meet up with them there. It was so fun hanging out with them and seeing everything through a 4 year olds eyes.
 She isn't into getting her picture taken these days 

I thought we would have to skip a bunch of rides but we actually were able to go on every ride we wanted with Elinor. Except the peter pan ride because it was always the longest wait!

We didn't take too many pics with the real camera. Here are some more iphone ones
 playing with grandma and grandpa
 it's a small world
country bear jamboree (which seems kind of inappropriate nowadays)
 eating dinner and waiting for the buzz lightyear ride with Dorie and Elinor
 watching the fireworks. She liked them but they were so bright
Dave shooting things
The electrical parade
Mickey soft pretzel!

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  1. These photos are the cutest. She's so big! And wide-eyed! And apparently good on the plane...wonderful news. You all look you are having so much fun :)

    1. Thank you! We did have fun. I'm glad we decided to go.