Thursday, December 13, 2012

Elinor's birthday party

Saturday we had Elinor's birthday party. It was the 8th, her actual birthday, so at 11:12 we sang happy birthday to her while she napped. Then Dave kissed her and woke her up on accident. By the time guests started to arrive she was already getting sleepy again. She was a trooper though and lasted for 5 hours until she could nap again. 
The night before I was feeling so sick and didn't think I could get anything done. Luckily my sister was in town and planned everything. She went grocery shopping with Dave and even cooked/baked everything! I had so many plans for the party that I wanted to do but instead of feeling guilty about getting rest, I let Courtney help and it turned out perfect!
 Courtney made 2 kinds of cupcakes gingerbread and vanilla
 Courtney conducting craft time. We had chalkboard paper, chalk and stickers. The girls loved it
 Courtney made a gingerbread village
 Courtney added Elinor's 12 month pictures to the tree. They are still up. Elinor likes pointing to them and taking down the ones she can reach
 Yay cupcakes
playing peek a boo with the cupcake
She still wasn't sure about trying it
 after a little taste she decided it was good
 She did drop some off the side again to feed Henri
 opening Ruby's present before she goes
 Dorie was the only one to wear a party hat. Henri wanted to hold it
 Dorie helped with presents again like at our baby shower. She is such a big helper
 Gift from Tre and Amanda. How cute is it??
 Poor Dorie everyone wanted her hat
 Amanda and Tre. I wish I remembered to get Elinor's picture with everyone. 
Thank you Courtney for helping (doing everything)!

We all had such a great time. Elinor got such amazing and thoughtful gifts and cards. Thank you friends! We did miss little Avery though! Sarah, I hope you guys can come play soon. 


  1. happy birthday elinor!!
    what a beautiful little babe!

  2. Happy birthday sweet girl. :)

    Your bangs are seriously giving me the itch to cut mine. You look beautiful. And that Viking hat is the best! Where did she get it ( or did they make it?) either way, I want one

    1. Our friends got it from a local toy store. I love it!

  3. Oh my gosh the cupcake series is the best! I love her little beanie too.