Monday, January 28, 2013

cashew cheese

When we were in Japan, we ate at a fancy vegan place with a cashew cheese platter. It was the best vegan cheese I've ever had. A soon as we got back Vegan Cuts had a deal on a cashew cheese sampler from Pure Market Express. I jumped at the deal right away. There were some delays in the shipping and then my box got sent back to them but after contacting Vegan Cuts, they figured everything out and I got my box with extra cheeses within 2 days.
All of these were so good! Our favorite was the Good as Gouda. We just dipped crackers in them but I think they would be really good on a sandwich as a spread. On their website I found so many other things I want to try (umm bacon jalapeno poppers???!!). The website is a little confusing. Maybe they are still working on it because a lot of the products don't have images attached. We will be getting these again in the future!

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