Sunday, March 3, 2013

one year together

Ok really Elinor and Henri have been BFFs since they weren't even born yet but they just didn't know it. Elinor has been messing with Henri since he was a few weeks old and she was still in my belly. He would sleep on top of my bump and she would wake him up with a kick and a punch. They officially became weekday twins last March when I went back to work.

March 2012
March 2013

They are both such good toddlers and play together so nicely. We don't get to see Henri as much anymore but the second we walk in he runs to her screaming "baby! Ella!". She giggles, hugs him and runs off to play with his toys. Of course when Dorie walks in Elinor can't handle herself laughing. Elinor knows she's going to come sing, tickle or dance for her. Poor Ellie loves to be around kids but she's stuck with just mom and dad most the time. 

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  1. Replies
    1. poor Elinor will just have to have close friends and be ok with being an only child!


    Also, I love that you recreated their first hangout.

    1. As they were sleeping I remembered that first picture