Wednesday, March 6, 2013

playground at the beach

It finally warmed up last week a bit. We walked to the beach which is not even 10 minutes away. Elinor waved to every person we waked by. The second we got to the beach she threw her arms up and started yelling "up, help!". I put her up on the wall to watch the waves. She loved watching them until she realized we were up high. Once I put my arm across her belly she went back to starring at the waves and waving to the seagulls. We walked a little bit until she saw an opening to the beach. She took off! If I didn't stop her she would have jumped in. We chased each other for awhile until I could barely keep her away from the water and headed to the playground. Kids were leaving when we walked in. I felt bad because she was so excited when we saw them. She still had fun climbing, swinging and sliding. 

We stopped by to wave to the ocean one more time before walking back home. Once I said "let's go home, back in the stroller" She had a meltdown. Don't worry Ellie, soon it will be warmer all the time and we can come back everyday.

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1 comment:

  1. These are so cute, I love her little face in the last one.