Thursday, May 30, 2013

zoo day

The only time Elinor has been to Stone Zoo was for ZooLights in December. Not many animals were out and it was mostly about the lights. Franklin Park is a lot better (I think) but Stone is much closer. Last time we went to Franklin Park was in November. She loved it but this time she knew animals and would make their sounds. She did not like the bird show! This kid is afraid of birds. Anytime one flew by she would jump and grab onto one of us. 

The pig went to the bathroom right before this picture. Elinor pointed said "peepee!" then walked away with her stink eye.
 After this picture, Dave told her to give the goat a kiss goodbye. She did...right on the mouth and the goat licked her back. 
not into it

It was supposed to rain all day and it never did. Perfect and not crowded! I want to make another trip to Franklin Park soon. I need to remember to see if our library has any available free passes soon. I always forget to do that. 
Does your library offer free/discount tickets to museums and zoos?

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  1. Looking at those pictures makes me want to go to the zoo, too. It has been a long while. I think the place is a nice place for a family bonding.