Friday, November 8, 2013

Bosley Builds a Tree House and a giveaway

Does anyone remember about 2 months ago when I reviewed a children's book for dual language families from The Language Bear? Well Tim Johnson has written a new book called Bosley Builds a Tree House
Read more about Tim Johnson here

Again, I do not speak another language at all but Dave is pretty good at French so Tim sent us a PDF version of the french copy. I really liked the way this book was laid out. On the text page there are two columns. One for English and one for French (or Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Russian or Japanese). I also liked the cute illustrations in this book, they are improvement from the last one.  

How cute are these guys all working together?!
Elinor thought it was really funny when Dave read his part. When we finished it the first time she looked at us and said "more book please!"

I also really like how in this book there are illustrated break downs of simple words prior to them being used in the story. Like a picture of a fox with the text Fox and Le Renard next to it with that word introduced into the story on the next page.  It makes it easier for people like me or Elinor that are new to a second language. 

Bosley Builds a Tree House was released yesterday! It is available in print and ebook on amazon. This would be a perfect gift for the holidays. 

Even better Tim Johnson has offered a paperback copy to one of my readers (international readers too) in any language offered (Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Russian or Japanese)! and if you don't win he is offering 5 copies for 50% off...but stay tuned for that until after the giveaway. 
This giveaway will end 11/22. Good Luck!

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  1. I think dual language families are awesome! : )

  2. What a cute looking story!! I would get it in English

  3. Spanish! I love French, but Spanish is just easier :)

  4. I think English would be easier but my kids would like the challenge of French or German!

  5. This is such a cute book. I would like it in Spanish for my twins who are learning Spanish in school.

  6. I'd choose Spanish, my kids are always begging me to learn Spanish!

  7. I would choose Mandarin Chinese!

  8. Spanish is the language I would pick!