Sunday, November 10, 2013

Magic Kingdom x2

We had an extra park ticket and decided if we didn't see everything at Magic Kingdom on Halloween, we would go again. We could have done another park but Elinor had so much fun the day before so we went back. 
 As soon as we walked in there was a show going on right in front of the  castle. Dave ran into Starbucks (yes there is a starbucks on Main st now which means soy milk for our coffee!  also Dave said its the craziest Starbucks hes ever been in) and Elinor and I watched the show.
 When Dave came back with coffee, he took her closer to the stage. She loved it! Pointing to everyone and yelling their names.
 We wanted to meet Tinkerbell the day before while Elinor was dressed up as her but we ran out of time. Before meeting Tinkerbell we met Terence. Elinor didn't care so much for him. I wonder if he gets that a lot. Tinkerbell is right next to him but you have to see him first.
 Even though she tried to run passed Terence and photo bomb the family in front of us, when it was our turn she went numb. Maybe she was just starstruck by everyone.
 Tink managed to get a hug in.
 We went on just about every ride, except Peter Pan that is closed for renovations :(!!! She thought the animals in the Jungle Cruise were real. She was really excited about all of them and started yelling Dumbo when we saw the elephants.
 We ate lunch and after some milkies, she fell asleep. Dave and I looked in stores and planned out the rest of our day. We also stopped by Guston's for another LeFou brew. It was getting close to parade time. We picked an awesome spot right on the curb and let Elinor finish her nap. When the parade was getting close we woke her up (great parents). So many characters came right up to her and she actually loved it. I thought she would try to hide.
 We met a ton of Characters this day. After riding the Little Mermaid ride we went right next door to meet her. Poor girl could barely move. She told Elinor she loved her boat dress and that her Prince has a boat too.
 We didn't realize it the day before but next to the Dumbo ride was a spot to meet Daisy, Minnie, Goofy and Donald. After Elinor picked out the toy we promised her we went over expecting there to be huge lines. Daisy and Minnie were on one side with only about a 10 min wait and there was no wait for Goofy and Donald. While we were waiting in line for Daisy, Elinor started yelling "I see Goopy!!" I didn't even know she knew him.
 We had a great idea to give the characters Dumbo's mama to help Elinor go up to them. It helped a little. They all got really into playing with her.
 "Goopy play Bumbo?!!!"
 I love this kids face
 We had went by to meet Cinderella earlier that day but it was a 40 min wait. We stopped by before we left and there was no wait. Cinderella was so sweet and we even got a smile out of Elinor!!
and then back to her serious face for Aurora

We spent one more day in Florida. We had plans to try to meet up with some friends but it was pouring. We found a cheap theater and took Elinor to Despicable Me 2 for her first movie theater experience. She did surprisingly well. We also ate some vegan grilled cheese at Toasted and then spent the rest of the day at Downtown Disney were we met up with Lynn and Garvey. 

I'm so glad the rain decided to only ruin our last day and it wasn't a park day.

Some Photopass shots..

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