Friday, December 6, 2013

Festival of Lights

When I lived in Cincinnati, I only went to the zoo for Festival of Lights just a few times. It is so magical there. Way better than Zoo Lights in Boston that we would go to every year. Cincinnati Zoo is huge and so nice. They decorate everything. We were there for hours and didn't even get to see everything. 
I'm sad these pictures are all terrible but everyone is so cute it is hard not to over share. 
Elinor is not too sure about Mrs. Claus
Bear wasn't either
but Paighton showed the babies that it's ok
Allison helping Elinor to go see Frosty
but again not too sure
We met some other friends there but too bad this is the only picture we got of them. Sorry guys! It's all about the kids.
I want to steal Paighton. She is such a great kid. Elinor listened so well to her.
Sean had just got home from Afghanistan a little before we came to visit. He is super awesome for sharing his house, family and hanging out with us even though he is leaving again soon and has limited time with his family.
Writing her first letter to Santa with Daddy and Paighton's help
The Rivers family plus Elinor. She never wants to be with us. My parents always say that's how I was when I was little.
Allison and her baby Bear
cutest family!
If you look close you can see Elinor is holding hands with a little boy. We ran into some friends from high school and their adorable kids. Their boy is right around Elinor's age. As soon as we ran into them he grabbed her hand and ran off. They played with each other and held hands like they were old BFFs. It was so funny.
This owl was super into Elinor. He was totally stalking her. He was following her while she ran around in circles. As soon as she got too far he took off slamming into the window trying to get her. Good thing the glass was there!

If you live in the area and haven't checked out the Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo you are missing out! We have a Philadelphia Zoo membership and were able to get 50% our admission. I can't wait to check out the holiday lights at our zoo soon.

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  1. Your evening looks magical! My favorite is your little guy with his eyes closed.. so beautiful! Will definitely check out the Philly one!

  2. That looks like fun! We had one like that when we lived in the Poconos, went once: SO COLD!!

  3. It looks like this was a wonderful way to spend the evening with family and friends. I think the beautiful sights will warm the hearts.

  4. Wow-- looks like an amazing place! Wish we had a similar event here in Philly!