Thursday, December 5, 2013

our thanksgiving

One of my dearest friends invited us to stay the week of Thanksgiving with them. When it turned out that my family was just going to spend time together at the lodge, my friend invited us to join them for Thanksgiving. Their family isn't even vegetarian but she went way out of her way to make sure everything was vegan friendly for us. All we had to make was our tofurkey. I know a lot of people prefer other options for their "turkey" but Dave makes an awesome marinade (This time he used aminos, OJ, blackberry preserves, agave)  and has cooking a tofurkey down. 
It was such a relaxing day. Hanging out with friends, babies and puppies. Thank you Allison for making a delicious vegan meal for us! If I had to eat one meal forever this meal would be it. 

June Bug roasting by the fire
Baby Bear being adorable
He wouldn't keep his turkey hat on
Elinor is really into these Little People.
Dave and Elinor loved having a puppy around to play with
sweet potatoes with dandies, brussel sprouts, green beans with a cashew cream gravy and stuffing
This looks like a sweet baby about to eat her Thanksgiving meal but in real life right after I took this she threw an epic meltdown for 45 min while we all ate. Thanks to Ashleigh for stepping in and using your professional preschooling voice to deal with this. Dave and I were about to put her up for sale.
So good!!
Oh and Allison made pies! A vegan pumpkin, vegan chocolate cream and regular pumpkin for her Sean :) 

I really miss these friends. Let's all run away and live in a big house together just like we planned in high school, ok??

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  1. Ok, I totally need your vegan chocolate pie recipe, please!! Mine was a disaster this year :)

    1. I asked her for links and will update soon!

  2. My daughter Hayley lines her little people like that all the time!! She yells "Line up little people, line up" So cute that Elinor does that too.
    Love that turkey hat too!

    1. She just started doing that. It's so cute how she makes them talk to each other.