Monday, December 9, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Yesterday was Elinor's 2nd birthday. We had planned a small party and spent the day before decorating and cooking. The morning of, Elinor came running in our room in a great mood. Dave and I had stashed her presents next to our bed. One gift was an Ariel costume that she had to put on right away and is still wearing today. Auntie also gave her some cute baby bangs in the morning. I've been wanting to give her bangs for awhile but held off until her birthday.
As the day went on, we continued cleaning and getting everything ready. We were supposed to only get less than an inch of snow that day. But once it started, it never stopped. People started calling to cancel and we decided to call it. At least we had Auntie (my sister) in town to celebrate with. Some sweet friends from out of town had sent some birthday gifts that she was able facetime and open. We felt terrible though and we are eating nothing but snacks/cupcakes for the next few weeks. But in Elinor's eyes yesterday was awesome. She got new toys, got to eat all her favorite snacks and played in the snow and that's all that matters
I made Elinor a banner. I just added personalized banners to my Etsy if you are looking for one!
I made a backdrop out of streamer, yarn and string.
 Always messing with the tree. We put safe for toddler ornaments on the bottom which she keeps taking off.
 This is when we realized the party wasn't going to happen. Such a bummer. But Elinor just wanted to watch the snow
 My sister made vanilla cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World . I've made them before and they have never came out as good as these ones. She actually follows directions exactly...maybe I should try that
After we all ate way too much, we headed outside to play in the snow. Elinor had so much fun until she got snow down her pants. I have to find where her bib snowpants are. Moving and not knowing where things are is so frustrating
We ended our night with watching Christmas movies and snuggling with blankets on the floor. After she fell asleep We took some pictures to match our last 2 Christmas cards just for fun.

Happy 2nd Birthday baby girl. We love you so much and are so happy to have you in our lives. 

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  1. What a sweetheart! A long day ended with a snooze under the Christmas tree sounds perfect to me!

  2. Dear Elinor, please take a nap in front of the Christmas tree every December forever and ever. Happy birthday sweet cheeks!

  3. Well at least the surprise snowstorm makes for an interesting birthday story! :)

  4. So beautiful! I miss when my son was a baby!

  5. Ah what a bummer, but it's only her 2nd, she'll forget :) Hopefully no more snow on future birthdays! happy birthday Elinor!

  6. Gorgeous pictures! Oh how I love the one where she is sacked out under the tree:) Great memory!

  7. Happy birthday!!!! She is adorable, so excited to follow along with your blog!