Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge

My brother had a great idea to plan a night at Great Wolf Lodge while we were all in town. We planned it on my birthday. I haven't had that much fun on my birthday ever! We got there around 2 that afternoon for check in. While I was walking up to meet my sister in law and niece, my parents jumped out from around the corner and surprised us! They had lied to me saying they were going to be in Tennessee that day.

oh my family...we are the worst at taking pictures together. No one wants to stand still for more than a second. Poor Dave didn't even make it.

We all checked into our rooms and got our "mama and baby soups" on right away. Our room there was awesome by the way. There was a little cut out with a bunkbed and tv/games for the kids. There also was a sitting area and a king size bed. That night when Elinor fell asleep in the kid nook, everyone came back over to our room to hangout and eat birthday cake that my sister had brought me. Elinor slept the whole time on the bottom bunk until 7am! I wish all hotel rooms had little kid sleeping areas.
Elinor sleeping in the wolf den

There was so much to do there. I thought it was just about swimming, but there is also blacklight mini golfing (which Elinor thought was Poo's house), a huge arcade game room, an interactive sing along/story time before bed, a magic quest game throughout the whole lodge and even bowling.

I don't like to swim too much and with Elinor being little I didn't know how much there would be for us to do at the pool. I was surprised to see she was able to go in all the pools and even a few small water slides. There were two huge shallow (1.5 feet deep) kiddie pools, a huge splash area for little ones and even a huge wave pool.   The wave pool she wasn't too sure of at first but ended up really liking standing at the shallow end trying to jump over waves. Also there was a lazy river was a lot of fun too. The water slides looked wild! There were roller coaster ones, one that went outside the building and even one that drained you down a hole in the middle like a big sink. Dave never goes on stuff like that, but my brother convinced him to go on them with him.   He kept talking about them and almost had me convinced to try. Maybe next time.

I didn't realize that even though check out is in the morning, you can stay until the pool closes. We had things to do the next day but we were able to get in some swimming and playing in the lobby till around 2. I will make sure to remember this for next time.

I've read tips about going here before but I didn't take them all in. There are restaurants and even a Starbucks in the lobby so we never had to leave. Sometimes it can obviously be difficult to find vegan options while we are out, especially in Ohio. One of the restaurants offered a Gardein burger which is our favorite kind and a hummus plate.

Have you ever been to a Great Wolf Lodge?

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  1. Awesome! Looks like you had a great birthday, full of surprises! We went last Feb for my daughter's 5th birthday and had a great time! Going around the holidays looks beautiful though... we'll have to try it then some time.

  2. Yes, 3 or 4 times! This is one of our favorite places to visit because they love kiddos with special needs. We always look forward to going, our kids are BIG fans.

  3. This place is baller, I totally want you guys to kidnap me and bring me. I wonder if this is simliar to the coco key indoor waterparks around here?

  4. we went once, but only to swim. I didn't realize they had so much stuff there.